Is yoga aerobic or anaerobic?

Yoga is an exercise that consists of multiple poses and stretches. Each pose and stretch leads to a certain benefit that keeps your physical and mental health fit. When you are about to do yoga, a question may click in your mind that is yoga aerobic or anaerobic exercise. But before discussing this let’s have a quick view of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises are those in which your breath and heart rate gets fast for a short period of time. Examples of such exercises are running, cycling, or swimming. In all such types of exercises, you deeply breathe and maximize your oxygen amount in the blood. This increases the blood circulation in your muscles. It means aerobic exercise requires oxygen for a workout. But you are prohibited to do such exercises if you have a breathing problem or heart disease.

Benefits of aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises prevent you from diseases like heart attack, type-2 diabetes, or stroke. It also improves your overall health. Some of the benefits are

· Helps you to reduce weight

· Maintains blood pressure

· Boosts-up your stamina

· Activates your immune system

· Able you to live a long healthy life

Anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercises are those which require immediate energy for a workout. The breath and heart rate don’t go up to the extent as in aerobic exercise. It uses the stored energy in your muscles as fuel for a workout. Examples of such exercises are jumping, lifting up heavyweight, and push-ups. If you are a fitness beginner then consult with your doctor. He will recommend you anaerobic exercises and workout hours according to your overall health.

Benefits of anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise proves to be very beneficial for people looking for weight loss or muscle build. It also helps you to

· Build stamina for daily activities like playing and dancing

· Strengthen your bones and muscles

· Maintain your weight in a premier way

Is yoga aerobic or anaerobic?

You get enough information about the difference between aerobic or anaerobic exercise. Now, you can think of yoga as an aerobic or anaerobic exercise easily. Yoga is a vast exercise practice comprising of numerous poses. Some poses fall in aerobic and some fall in anaerobic type. So it is hard to determine the category of yoga. However, a deep discussion has been done on this topic by all the factors because yoga has the combined effects of aerobic and anaerobic exercises.


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Ayesha Razzaq

A skillful and experienced content writer, serving you all on Upwork as a freelancer.