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How to Make Boots Fit Small Calves

Boots as a fashion trend make your personality more attractive and classy. Your legs look more long and shapely when your boots are paired with skinny jeans or matching dresses. Boots not only make you look good but also provide you a good comfort level if they are fitted properly. Boots just remain the part of many fashionista wardrobes because they don’t fit on their small calves perfectly. Are you one of them? Don’t need to be worried about your loose boots. Here, we bring some alternative methods that how to make Boots fit small Calves.

Wear thick socks

This is one of the easiest and cheapest methods to fit boots. Wearing multiple socks on one another helps you a lot to make your calves bulky. But this method only helps out you in harsh winter. If you do not feel easy to wear multiple socks, you can wear padded pair of crew socks. Padded socks also provide you comfort against the hard sole of your boots.

Wear boot cuffs

Boot cuffs are the best solution to make your tall boots fit around the calves. Boot cuffs are made up of different fabrics. You can use the cuffs of your own choice. Woven cuffs are the best to protect you in winters. Cotton puffs are recommended for people who experience allergies around their calves during summer. There are varieties of boot cuffs having elegant designs, colors, and patterns. Match the color of boot cuffs with your outfit and add more glamour to your look. The best thing about these cuffs is they are stretchable enough to fit around your calves flawlessly.

Wear skinny jeans

Wearing skinny jeans not only makes your look classy but also helps effectively in making boots fit on small calves. Jeans provide you a comfortable and confident fit because they stick with your legs properly. Always consider the fabric quality of jeans if you are wearing them under your tall boots. the thicker the jeans stuff the more precisely your boot fit on your narrow calves. Wearing long boots over skinny jeans makes your legs look slim and tall. So it is advisable to wear narrow pants rather than wide or flared pants with long boots.

Go to cobbler

Seek the cobbler’s expertise is the most productive way to fir your wide boots around your calves. It’s better to spend some money to get the work done in your wide boots than to wear them improperly. All you need is just to give the proper dimension of your calves to a cobbler. He will customize the shaft area of boots according to your size. Make sure that you should give the size of each calf individually, as a little bit of size difference can occur. Must consider the boot material, as some materials are not amenable to alteration.

How to alter boots for wide calves?

The Shoe stretcher method is mainly used to alter boots for wider calves. People with wide calves face a real struggle to fit their boot. However, the good news is that you can wear boots with a perfect fit by using the shoe stretcher method. Here are some tips to make boots fit on wide calves.

  • Calf stretcher: Use the calf stretcher inside your boots. Make sure that the stretcher targets the calf section of your boot. Wide the calf portion of your boot with help of a handle. Some stretcher has a wheel and some have a lever handle. You can use a stretcher of your own choice. Keep the stretcher inside the boot overnight to get better results.
  • Use stretching spray: If your boots are not stretched enough by using a calf stretcher, then use stretching spray. It will help to soften the fabric of boots so you can achieve the desired results. Keep the stretcher inside the boot, until the spray dries completely to get better results.
  • Zipper extender: Purchase the zip extender to widen the zipper of your boots. They are very efficient in making a comfortable fit for your wide calves.
  • Use a blow dryer: Heating your boots with help of a blow dryer helps a lot to stretch boot fabric. Wear thick socks to protect your feet from heat. Do not use a dryer on your boots for more than 30 seconds. You shouldn’t heat the boots made up of patent leather because they are very delicate.
  • Soak boots in water: Leather boots tend to change their shape in the water. If your boots are made up of leather, soak them in water. Make sure that your boots inundate in water properly to avoid watermarks on shoes.

How to make cowboy boots tighter around the calf?

Cowboy boots style differently than other boots. Some of the cowboy boots fit perfectly on your feet but they didn’t fit in the calves. That’s the common issue that most people have with their cowboy boots. Here are some tips that will give you an ideal fit.

Use warm water: This simple 3 step method is the easiest way to get your boots fit.

1. Soak your boots and a pair of socks in a bucket full of warm water for one hour

2. Wear wet socks and boots to form the boots according to your calves’ size.

3. Keep the socks and boots until they are completely dry

As cow boots are made up of leather. Leather tends to deform its shape in warm water. You may feel uncomfortable while putting on wet boots and socks but it is a necessary step for a perfect fit.

Use a belt:

Adding a belt in a crisscross style around the boot calves is the best tip to fit your boots. Don’t use a whole length of the belt. Cut off the extra length and adjust the buckle by punching a new hole according to your calf size. This new accessory will add more glamour to your style.

Go to professional: If you do not feel practical to use warm water or a belt, then go to professional. Cobbler alters the size of your boots without ruining the look of your cowboy boots.


Boots make you look more sophisticated and smart if they are worn correctly. In this article, we discussed the methods that you can adapt to fit your boots. we are looking forward to answering your queries. Comment and give your feedback below.



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