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5 latest technology revolutions that blow your mind

Technology has become the basic demand of today’s world. We are living in an era where people even can’t step forward without technology. Technology trends are changing so rapidly that one is replacing another in no time. Here we discuss the 5 latest revolutions in technology that astonish the world.


Most of us know artificial intelligence because of robots, but now it made the latest innovations in science. Brainbox is one of the latest revolutions in AI, used in buildings. It manages the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system of the building by using sensors. Sensors sense environmental changes and enable the HVAC system according to need. This technology reduces energy costs by up to 25%.

L’Oreal Perso (virtual reality)

Virtual reality as one of the fast-growing technology is mostly used for entertainment purposes in theaters and gaming. But you will amaze to know that you can improve your skincare routine by using VR. L’Oreal perso introduces a VR tool, which studies your skin conditions. It can detect dark circles, wrinkles, and pigmented areas thoroughly and suggests the best suitable products to you.


Cancer is considered to be a life-threatening disease. There was no technique to detect the cancer cells in the body at its early stage. TrailJectory innovation use AI system and spot all the symptoms that cause cancer. This technique studies the intensity of the disease and suggests the best possible treatment to cure this deadliest disease.

5G technology

The latest changes in IoT (internet of things) demand the internet to be more efficient so 5G internet is the upcoming wireless connection. It is one of the high-speed connections which can transfer a large amount of data over a large distance in just nanoseconds. Many companies are working on their mobile architecture to enable the next generation 5G network. According to research in China, it is predicted that there will be 1.9 billion 5G subscriptions are expected by 2024 worldwide.

Electric aviation

No doubt aviation makes our lives so comfortable, but at the same time, it is affecting our environment badly due to carbon emissions. In this situation, electric aviation revolution do wonders as fuel engine are replaced by electric jet engines. It will help to reduce the level of air and noise pollution effectively. Till now, only 170 aircraft carried out this technology. Many aviation companies are working on it, and it is expected that there will be the future of electric aviation in the next 10 years.


We never thought life to be advance as it is. It’s just because of technology which makes our lives easy. There are many advanced revolutions in technology that we can’t cover in a single article. Give your feedback and suggestions below. We are looking forward to answering any query you have.



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