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4 essential ways to get a perfect skin

Are u tired of your pigmented, wrinkled, and acne skin? Don’t worry we are here to address your all problems related to skincare. Remember perfect skin doesn’t mean having a fair complexion. But having healthy, fresh, and glowy skin. Before having any skin-care routine, study your skin type thoroughly. In this article, we discuss the 4 essential steps that you can follow to have perfect skin.


Cleansing is the basic step of every skin-care routine. Wash your face with face wash thoroughly in the morning and before going to bed. It helps to remove dust particles, extra oil, and unwanted debris from your skin. Before choosing any cleanser, must consider its type/ ingredients according to your skin. According to research in the US, 36.23 million Americans used foaming face wash from 2011–2020.


It is a common misunderstanding that moisturizer is only for oily skin but it is necessary for dry skin as for oily skin. According to research in France in 2019, about 6.3 million people used moisturizers once a day. Moisturize having good ingredients like hyaluronic acid and dimethicone helps to keep your skin hydrated for a long time. Moisturizer helps to

  • Fight against wrinkles
  • Reduce the chance of skin problems
  • Keep your skin healthy and fresh


Adding a toner to the skin-care routine helps to reduce the open pores, making your skin tight and remove dirt and oil from your skin. Toner is important to use because it maintains the pH balance of your skin, which is disturbed by the alkaline nature of soap in cleansing. Use a toner with a cotton pad on the face before using moisturizer on daily basis. During the survey in South Korea, it was proven that about 23% of respondents use toner twice a day for a smoother, fresher, and glowing look.


When we step out of our homes, UV-radiations harm our skin by giving us age spots, wrinkles, and sunburns. Sunscreen is the best solution to fight against these issues. Use a small amount of sunscreen on the face, hands, and neck before going out. People often think sunscreen with higher SPF gives you more protection, but there is little difference in both SPF-30 and SPF-50 protection. According to research in the US, 59.76 Americans used SPF-30 sunscreen in 2020. Keep your sunscreen a cold and dry place because heat may reduce the activity of some ingredients of sunscreen.


Invest in your skin because it is going to present you for a long time. You can adopt many other steps to have healthy skin. Comment below and suggest to us other beneficial steps that we can add to our skin-care routine.



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